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Are you tired of the monotony of wearing something you want to change? We are specialists in the creation and redesign of brand images, from the logo to the visual platform ... including the graphic standards book! Our team of strategists and creatives are also able to take over your nominal research assignments so you don't have to redo what's already given to someone else.
At Procire Sarl, we create smart brand architectures and sustainable visual signatures.
1. The most important thing is in identifying the company or product name, it is a real challenge!
The name is what sets you apart. Eye-catching, memorable or multilingual… it must be unique. Our creatives offer you original and always well-argued ideas. But whether metaphorical or descriptive, the name chosen must above all be available. We therefore carry out the appropriate legal research before any recommendation.

2. Your visual identity is more of a label.
Beyond the logo itself, a memorable visual identity comes in many ways. Our team brings you a complete art direction platform: photography, fonts, illustrations and fictitious layouts add depth to your image and allow a whole range of graphic adaptations.

3. Graphic standards and creativity.
A graphic standards guide (brandbook) is a practical tool that allows you to standardize your internal and external communications and enhance your brand. With easy-to-apply guidelines and a repository of good and bad practices, you can make sure you stick to your branding strategy consistently.

  Publish 07 September 2016

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