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Showing your image on different tools is an important step that your sales teams will appreciate. We create visual aids and messages for you that ensure consistency, relevance and impact to your communications. Stationery, PowerPoint, brochures, newsletters… the choices abound!
rely on a valid platform?
We equip your team with the right tools. Those who will help them convince.
1. For your salespeople, we develop great tools!
PowerPoint presentations, sales sheets, web and video supports… We create communication platforms that allow your salespeople to generate things differently and easily. To stand out and assert your credibility without compromise.

2. Give some credibility to your internal publications
We take care of all your corporate communications projects: annual report, social responsibility report, greeting card, support for public relations activities, we are here to meet your small needs and to assist you with larger projects. complex.

3. Internal communication, essential
Developing your employer brand is becoming more and more important in the context of a shortage of competent resources that we have been experiencing for several years. Recruitment campaign, career sites, internal newsletters, we take care of your projects from ideation to execution ... including writing!

  Publish 07 September 2016

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