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Having trouble recruiting? What company can really neglect its employer brand today? The Procire Sarl team can help you know where to start, to find the strongest arguments that will convince the best to join your organization. But also, you will have a solid foundation to mobilize and retain your talents.
With Procire Sarl by your side, you will finally understand which buttons to press to attract and retain people who are truly compatible with your organization.

1.Associate with you people who are like you for the realization of your business
To make sure you court the right people, Procire Sarl Marketing offers research and workshops to better define your culture, your distinctive advantages and your employee value propositions (PVE). You will then have a solid employer branding strategy, and be able to equip yourself with really effective recruiting tactics!

2. Mobilize teams around the brand
Once the best talent is recruited, keep your employer brand alive to keep your people motivated. Storytelling, premises dressing, special events and programs: there is no lack of tools to build a strong bond between your company and your employees! Take the means so that "the boots follow the lips", between the promise made at hiring and what your recruits go through on a daily basis.

3. Avoid the bleeding of your talents towards the competition
Because the competition can be fierce, you may be wasting too many resources to other organizations. But why? Have their expectations been better met elsewhere? Did they get a better salary? Did they just need new challenges? With a correct diagnosis, and tailored support, you will have the time and be able to take action to stop the bleeding ... before it gets worse!

  Publish 07 September 2016

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