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Working without a comprehensive plan fosters fragmentation and cements the culture of opportunity: two symptoms of companies whose marketing stagnates without creating value. Without suspending everything in favor of the long term, we can help you strategically see ahead.
AVOID PLANNING - WORK ON SITE with your business.
Proper planning of your marketing allows you to choose the right battles and win them!

1. First a good diagnosis!
Before deciding where you want to go, you have to know where you are starting from! We audit your positioning, your image, your messages, your communication tools and all of your digital marketing to give you the true picture of the situation. From this inventory, we are able to establish the priorities to be pursued.

2. The real motivations of customers
Your intuition and your experience are precious allies, but also a great source of bias and prejudice. We carry out web surveys, organize focus groups and telephone surveys in order to draw an accurate portrait of the motivations, fears and benefits sought by the customers you wish to attract.

3. Plan for the next season… and the next three years
Entrepreneurs and SME managers are constantly caught in the same dilemma: pursuing long-term goals that are able to grow the business while continuing to take concrete short-term actions to generate quick wins. We don't think it's incompatible, in fact… we're working with you both ways at the same time.

  Publish 07 September 2016

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