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1- Webdesign
The design of your website is important, it must match your image and the graphic identity of your organization. It must be closer to the style felt to better attract the attention of Internet users.
Once the project is completed, it is necessary to make it known, to assert your presence on the web, this is where digital marketing comes in, it is there to bring Internet users to you and turn them into customers .
The marketing strategy must be comprehensive, and you must determine and act on all the levers necessary to develop your business and obtain a return on investment.

2- Global digital marketing:
Webmarketing actions
o Website
o Advertising agency (Adwords, Amazon ads, Facebook ads, etc.)
o Blog
o Affiliation
o Natural referencing
o Webredaction

The different social channels
o Facebook
o Instagram
o Twitter
o Youtube
o Pinterest
o Linkedin
o Community management
SMS marketing and email marketing are also part of the overall digital marketing strategy.
3- For a good optimization of your website
The principle of web writing is to create and optimize texts, for good readability, and better consideration by search engines, it must contain a certain density of keywords that refer either to a page of your site or even has articles published there.
Good, optimized web writing doesn't get noticed, too much keyword density can have the opposite effect.
The PROCIRE SARL agency has surrounded itself with a team with strong skills and references to offer you measurable results.

4- Sms and email Marketing campaign
It is important to use a professional for emailing or sms sending, an error in the strategy could lead to a blacklisting, the creation and the optimization of the design of the newsletter is of course important, but the agency Procire Sarl in experience of the constraints of derivability and management of registrants with implementation of the registration form with double opt in and compliance with the GDPR.
Implementation of tracking and studies of the main performance indicators of the emailing campaign including the rates of openings, clicks, reactivity, unsubscribes and bounces.
SMS campaigns can be powerful if used in the right context, like a flash sale, a private sale ...
The Procire Sarl agency supports you in the design and dissemination of commercial operations, via email or sms.

  Publish 07 September 2016

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