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Communicating externally is good. But communicating internally is essential! Lack of communication is the root cause of many performance problems in an organization. Employees who are not communicated with are unable to deliver on the promise and cannot act as brand ambassadors ...
It is also important to provide employees with channels of communication that can give them the opportunity to be informed and to discuss and react
1. The internal newsletter: A much better way to keep everyone alert
if your customers enjoy your newsletter, your employees will love it even more! We are able to offer you a turnkey concept, including content research and writing, design, integration and dispatch. If you have the staff to take charge of this file, we can simply mentor you and kick-start the project.

2. The employee magazine: a luxury worth it
For large companies, the employee magazine is a credible and quality medium that allows the company to communicate and mobilize its employees around its vision. Take advantage of our expertise in the field.

  Publish 07 September 2016

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